HVAC Service and Repair

When our customers asked us to add HVAC service and repair to the services that we offer, we listened. Since 2011, the HVAC technicians at Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair, LLC have been providing our Phoenix area Commercial and Multifamily customers with what they asked for …

Quality air conditioning and heating services from a company they have long trusted for all their plumbing needs!

Air conditioning in the Arizona desert is not something anyone can do without. It is paramount that when your systems fail, you have a contractor you can rely on to perform the needed repairs FAST.  We realize the importance of air conditioning in Arizona during our summer months!

We provide the service, repairs, and replacements needed to get you through the emergencies and then we can work with you to improve your systems to avoid future failures.

Contact us for assistance with your property’s HVAC needs!

Services We Perform

  • HVAC Repair

    Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair, LLC has expertly trained technicians, equipped with all the right tools and equipment to perform repairs in a timely and cost effective manner!

    We not only replace the defective part that caused the failure, but we also take the time to go through the unit and look for other potential issues. Our highly skilled technicians will make the needed corrections or recommendations so our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their unit is now dependable.

    We perform the work to local code and manufacturer recommendations to ensure you get the most out of the equipment.

    We charge by the job, not by the hour, so our customers never pay more than what the job should cost. With no hourly rate, our customers don’t pay for us to diagnose the problem, only the actual repair of the problem.

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Many times we don’t think of our AC systems until they have failed or until our energy costs start to rise. Properly servicing these HVAC units can increase efficiency and detect problems before they start.

    We offer competitive maintenance packages, and we tailor the plans to your property. We work within your budget to get you the most for your money.

    We all suffer through the summer’s heat so we can enjoy the amazing winters here in the Valley, but winter also offers an opportune time to perform maintenance and repairs at discounted rates. For this reason, we offer a wintertime savings plan for all of our customers.

  • New AC Installations

    At Alliance Plumbing Service & Repair, LLC, we pride ourselves on our attention to every detail!

    When we perform new installations, we cover everything needed for that unit in our quote. Many contractors will give you an estimated price to install your new equipment, but when they start the job, they find “extra” unforeseen problems which add to the cost of your final invoice.

    We give you the estimate to install your new equipment and that is the price. If we do come across something unforeseen, it’s our fault and we take care of the cost. The price we quote is the final price you pay.